4 Tips for Improving Air Conditoning Efficiency

Improving AC Efficiency

A lot of energy is consumed by your air conditioner. In reality, more than half your utility bill covers air conditioning system. Even the most modern, energy-efficient AC systems consume a significant amount of electricity. But with these useful advice, you can improve AC efficiency. 


1. Clean the Condenser Unit

Since the condenser unit is outdoors, dirt tends to accumulate all the time. Branches, leaves, dirt, feathers, debris, and other debris can accumulate and block airflow, affecting performance and efficiency. Clear debris around the housing and cut back a few feet of plants or bushes to make room around the condenser. If you put it in the shade, it will be more efficient. 

2. Clean Your AC Filter

Check the filter at least once a month if you use your air conditioner frequently. Airflow is restricted and system effectiveness is decreased by a dirty filter. It has a negative impact on interior air quality as well. Fortunately, by cleaning the filter, you may prevent poor AC performance and the negative consequences of air pollution on your health. The system may be maintained easily and affordably. 

3. Close Your Blinds

By closing the curtains, you can stop the thermostat from heating up your home’s interior and your rooms. It also helps insulate your windows, preventing cold air from escaping. Closing your drapes and blinds before leaving for work is a smart habit. As a result, your air conditioner can operate more effectively during the hottest, sunniest parts of the day.

4. Use Ceiling Fans

You can feel cooler with a ceiling fan without turning the thermostat down. It effectively distributes cool air around your home while consuming a small portion of the energy that a central air conditioner does. Using a smartphone app, a smart ceiling fan may be programmed to run at varied speeds, switch on and off at predetermined intervals.

Get Help From The Professionals

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